Drug users in Broome County are finding a choice of getting help over going to jail.

The District Attorney’s Office is calling a new "Treatment Alternative to Prosecution" or “TAP” program a success.

D.A. Stephen Cornwell Jr. and the Addiction Center of Broome County Family Navigator/ Peer Engagement Specialist Jill Lloyd say the pilot program launched in April.  It offers people with substance abuse issues the chance to get treatment in lieu of prosecution of their charges before arrest, at arrest and post-arrest.

So far 62 people have enrolled in TAP for 90 days of monitored drug and alcohol treatment with 46 remaining active in treatment.  That puts the success rate at 74%.  Participants also have to stay out of trouble another six months following completion of treatment.

The first graduation from the TAP program is scheduled in the next few weeks.

Cornwell says having people get on the path to clean and sober living is more important than getting a conviction.

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