Since I'm getting married soon, I keep getting told that as long as my wedding has good food, good drink, and good music, that the guests will have a good time. But if a guest chooses not to drink, then I have to make sure the food is extra good and the music is extra good!

It's not just about me though, if I have a guest opting out of alcohol, there is stuff I should do (we'll have sodas and seltzers, too!), and there are some tips for them that hopefully will help them.

  • Plan what to say if someone asks you why you're not drinking (not that it's anyone's business), but if someone does ask, it's a good idea to have a plan ahead of time. You might be pregnant and not ready to tell people, or you might be sober for any other reason that you don't want to get into, that's okay! Just make a plan and hopefully whatever your answer is, they will not push you on it.
  • Give yourself permission to party because you definitely don't need to be drunk to have fun, and I definitely want you to have a good time no matter what you choose to drink that night. Dance, friend, dance!

All I want is for my guests to enjoy themselves at the wedding, so I hope if anyone chooses not to drink that night that they can still have a good time (and they might even have more fun than my alcohol drinking friends, who knows)!

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