I thought that the holiday season meant spending more time with your friends and family, however it seems that it's around the holidays that people are more likely to cheat on their partners. What the heck!?

Bustle and IllicitEncounters.com has found that one in three of those who cheat on their significant others cheat during the holidays. Is it the holiday stress? Well, more than half of those cheating during this cheerful season actually sleep with a co-worker! (Clearly they were not taking my advice last week about what not to do at your Christmas work party!)

And women are actually more likely to cheat this time of the year than men are. Maybe their old boyfriend from high school is in town when they go to visit their parents? That's not an excuse though...

So while you might be busy wrapping the presents to go under the tree or lighting the menorah, please think about the consequences of your actions (and I don't just mean what will happen if you give your father-in-law a gag gift that might be offensive).

(via Bustle)

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