Let's face it, I'll take any help I can get. So, even if this seems a little far fetched I will still gladly use the help.

There is one specific thing that can help women find men more attractive. And, no it's not alcohol. Well, it might be, but it's not what I am talking about.

According to the website medicalxpress.com, a new study found that women find men more sexually attractive after listening to 'highly-arousing' music. The findings suggest music has the power to influence human behavior.

Researchers presented 96 heterosexual participants with musical excerpts, followed by a photograph of a face from the opposite sex with a neutral facial expression. Participants were asked to assess the face in terms of its attractiveness on a scale, and say whether they would date the person pictured.

Surprisingly though, this effect was not seen among male participants.

I guess we don't need anything to find a woman very attractive.

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