Mother's Day is this Sunday, and some of the more typical things to gift your mom is flowers, candles, candies, maybe a massage, but what about doing something with her that you may not normally do together? Bustle put together a list of ideas for some unique experiences you can do with your mother this Sunday.

  • Have your own wine tasting so that your mother doesn't even have to get out of her slippers in order to enjoy a nice glass of wine. Pick up a few ni11ce bottles from the liquor store that you know your mother would love and grab some nice bread and cheese, and you're in business!
  • Get a tarot card reading whether or not you really believe in all of that, it could still be fun to do together! If something ends up coming true, that's just one more thing you and her can bond over.
  • Serve her breakfast in bed because that is a classic tradition for a reason! She cooks and bakes for you every other day of the year, so show her you care by letting her sleep in on Sunday.

Mother's Day comes just as the weather is getting nicer, so find something that you two don't normally do, and enjoy the day together showing your mother just how much you love her.

(via Bustle)

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