Get your girls (or guys!) together for a fun night to celebrate how much you love each other! There are so many things that you can all do together, and here's some of my favorite Galentine's Day activities.

  • Bake-off with your friends with a love theme to see how creative everyone can get! Think of all the wonderful desserts you would typically get on a romantic date, and then make them for your friends to enjoy!
  • Puppy play date which can work two different ways: if everyone has a pooch, bring them all together and watch them play; or if no one is a pet owner yet, then meet up at the Humane Society or Dog Shelter and offer to play and walk the dogs all there. They need love, too!
  • Wine tasting at home! Have each person bring a couple bottles of their favorite wine and everyone can sample each wine and compare the wines to one another. To make it even more fun, sample each wine and then guess who brought each wine/which wine is the favorite of which person!

Galentine's Day can be more fun than any Valentine's Day date. There is way less pressure, and you can hang out with your friends in your pajamas! Win-win!

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