Dating is so hard these days for many reasons. So, anytime there is a way to make it easier I'm sure you would be all about it. But, would you do this?

Scientists have figured out how to make a date go better. The funniest thing about this study is that you would think that it was done by a few guys sitting in a room, giggling and wondering if people are going to buy into it.

But, that's not what is going on. It was a legitimate study by scientists in Israel. According to the Daily Mail, if you really want a date to go porn before you go on your date. BUT, they are not saying that you should "act" on in.

In fact, just the opposite. It'll make you more open, friendlier, and more likely to build an emotional connection on a date . . . all because you gave your brain a brief reminder that, hey, sex is a thing I like and I'm on the right path to maybe having some of it.

What do you think?

[via: Daily Mail]


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