I have said for years that I would love to be able to read a woman's mind. I know it's impossible, but this study of 1,000 ladies does help.

The survey asked the women what is the most impressive thing that a guy can do early on in a relationship. And, according to the survey I am in big trouble.

According to the website artofmanliness.com, being punctual was the biggest and most impressive thing a guy can do for the relationship. Everyone always tells me that I am going to be late for my own funeral. So, I'm doomed in the dating world.

While 56% said timeliness was important, 53% were impressed by compliments on their appearance and finally, flowers only impressed a meager 41% of lady-loves.

I think that flowers are a nice touch. But, what do I know?

Ladies, what do you think of this study?


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