Are you scrolling through Facebook and seeing your friends who are either pregnant or who already have children and maybe feeling a bit envious? While I'm all about the grandpuppy, Brit.Co says that there really is a magic age when you should be having kids (and when you should start thinking about no longer having them).

It's thirty-five! And you should blame it all on your biological clock. Think about it, for women, as we get older, so do our eggs.

At thirty, a woman has about a twenty percent chance of getting pregnant during any given month (as long as there are no contraceptive measures in place). By forty, the odds drop to around five percent. So while pregnancies are possible after forty, they are just much more unlikely.

With all of that information, it can be easier to help figure out a good timeline for your family, deciding when it would be best to have children, and when it would be best to stop having them.

Of course, if you adopted puppies instead, you would never have to worry about your age and fertility!

(via Brit.Co)

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