Anyone who says that they don't have at least one annoying co-worker must work from home. Here is the perfect way to get annoying co-workers away from you.

The worst part about annoying co-workers is that no matter how many times you hint that you can't deal with them, they don't get it.

According to, when your coworkers keep popping by your desk to talk to you, it's really tough to get your work done . . . so you can get back to important things.  You know, like aimless web surfing.  So here's a pretty brilliant solution.

There's a new app for the Google Chrome web browser called "NOPE."  When you click it, the app calls your cell phone.  Then you can pick up that call, start having a fake conversation that SEEMS important, and your coworker should walk away.

You can get it for free by Googling "nope chrome."

Pretty brilliant right?

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