Ladies, if you are looking for someone who is romantic, then you need to find or meet a guy who is a certain age.

Finding a romantic guy might be like finding a needle in a hay stack. But, if you want to increase your chance of finding Mr. Romantic then find a guy who is 53 years-old.

According to the Telegraph, men are the most romantic at the age of 53. Walks in the park, rose petals in the bath, chocolates, flowers, and perfume are most likely to be coming your way ladies from a guy who is 53.

"Of the guys age 20 to 25, only 1 in 4 admit they've recently treated their loved one to a candlelit dinner but over half of those over 50 had. And 73% of older gents say they tell their partners they look beautiful all the time and 85% refuse to leave the house without a kiss."

Of course, if that is not what you are looking for then go younger!

[via: Telegraph]

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