If you struggle to write that clever text to send to a guy you like, well then look no further. Here are some that will do the trick.

Sad but true: Most of us are offensively boring via text ("wut up?"). It doesn't have to be this way. According to HowToGetTheGuy.com, they suggests new texting strategies that will really vibrate in his pants.

1. I'm at that new lounge that just opened. The music is amazing. Why aren't you here?
Why it's hot: He'll see that you live a cool life and feel like he's missing out on the fun. If he likes you, he'll respond. If not, there's really nothing here for him to reject.

2. It's a good thing you're just my friend's brother or you and I would be trouble for each other...
Why it's hot: Making the two of you together seem like a bad idea (for all the right reasons) will drive him wild with desire. Thank me later for the massive sexual tension at parties.

3. Just saw The Avengers, Chris Evans is pretty, but I'd rather watch you take your shirt off for an hour.
Why it's hot: It's a great tease that lets him know you're having naughty thoughts about him. Plus, he'll feel special knowing you'd rather see him naked than a ripped celebrity.

4. I just had the most life-changing burger. Almost sexual.
Why it's hot: Saying your burger was arousing shows you can find the hotness anywhere. He'll be strangely turned on next time he orders a Quarter Pounder.

5. You. Me. Tonight. Game of Thrones. Pizza. Be there.
Why it's hot: You never ask if he wants to come. A confident woman just assumes that he does. The easy way to make your texts sexier? Lose the question marks.

Good luck!

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