Finding true love can be tricky. In fact, if you want it bad enough it can blind you in finding what you really want.

Finding true compatibility can take time. However, there are some telling clues that are always there. Myron D. Lewis, author of "Making Right Turns In Your Relationship," can help you to know that you may have found the real deal:

You crack each other up
If you're a pair that really spark and get each other's sense of humor, that bodes well for a healthy future together. Not only are you having a blast with him now, but also down the road, that comic relief will take the edge off any heated arguments.

Your spats fizzle fast
All couples clash. However, if you can resolve your tiffs and get over the issue at hand fairly quickly, then you're genuinely open to seeing the other's point of view and moving forward, which is the touchstone of a tight twosome.

You play together
It's true what they say: If you can really cut loose in front of each other and don't feel the need to censor your behavior you have the freedom to be yourself and what it takes to stay together.

You don't run hot and cold
When you're sizzling one minute and frigid the next, there's doubt in your duo. But if your feelings for each other are constant even when he drives you nuts your bond is the real McCoy.

Good luck out there in the crazy dating world.

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