If you are like me, then dating has changed so much since we did it. It is a totally different world then when I tried to ask a girl out or attempted to know if she liked me or not.

When I courted a girl, there was no texting. I did have a pager though. But, I don't even think those are around anymore. So, whether you are dating regularly or are new to the dating scene, here are some tips on texting when dating.

1.  Don't wait three days.  The old rule of waiting three days to reach out is OVER.  People are all about immediate gratification nowadays . . . and if you wait, they might lose interest.

2.  Don't just text "Hey," "Hi," or "Hello."  It's lazy and easy to ignore.  A good first text will include a question, explain who you are, or reference a previous interaction in some way.

3.  Do focus your early texts on making plans.  After you've made contact, focus your early text conversations on making plans, so you don't get stuck in an endless conversation loop.

4.  Do think about your grammar and spelling.  Some people don't care about grammar and spelling over texts.  But you're better off playing it safe with someone you want to date, because maybe they DO care.

5.  Do know when to stop texting.  One unreturned text could be forgetfulness or tech problems.  Two or three unreturned texts is a message.  Move on. (Lifehacker)