I was recently talking with a friend who had just broken up with girl, and he was worried how she would take it. I told him to beware!

Over the years I have heard horror stories of people who have had someone do something crazy to a significant other over a breakup. It's actually pretty scary in some of the instances.

What is the craziest way you have gotten revenge on a significant other? Buzzfeed recently did a survey to ask their followers to share the pettiest ways they've ever gotten revenge in a relationship. Here are my top five favorites:

1.  "After a fight, my husband stormed out of the house and said he was going to see a movie.  I knew which one it was and he'd been looking forward to it, so I Googled spoilers and texted them to him while he was driving there."

2.  "He called me a name, so I cut the nipples out of his shirts."

3.  "I waited until he had finished the second-to-last episode of a show on Netflix, then I changed the password."

4.  "I mashed his iPhone charger so it wouldn't work, and then I ate his leftover Popeyes biscuits in the fridge."

5.  "After an argument, I put a shrimp in the hollow part of the curtain rod and closed it up."

What is the craziest way that you have gotten revenge on a significant other? You can check out the full survey here.

[via: Buzzfeed]

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