Many people in relationships can tell you that being in love doesn't always guarantee that the relationship will always work. Bustle believes that there are multiple ways in which you can ruin your partner's trust and therefore hurt the relationship even if you are in love.

  • Being secretive about money such as making sure you hold on to the checkbook instead of your partner, or always wanting to get to the mail first to get the credit card statement before them. No matter what it is, money is a big source of stress for all of us, and being secretive about it can hurt your partner whether you mean for it to or not.
  • Phone secrecy is another way that trust can be bruised. If you or your partner are over protective of your cell phone and won't let your partner so much as look up a recipe or contact in the other person's phone, it could lead to a lot of issues and fighting.
  • No longer being intimate because if you're not getting it from your partner... where are you getting it from? It may seem absurd because all relationships go through lulls in the bedroom, but your partner may be getting worried that you're cheating on them with someone else.

Mutual trust is also a sign of mutual respect. If you don't trust your partner, you may very well have issues surrounding respect in your relationship as well.

(via Bustle)

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