With all of the grilling and eating that everyone did this weekend, there was a lot more fat and cholesterol in our diets than usual, so our hearts are probably working overtime right now. Bustle, and Nicole Weinberg, MD, who is a cardiologist, explain the signs of a heart attack that women should not ignore.

  • Extreme back pressure while also being short of breath can be a sign that you should see your doctor right away. This is especially worrisome in young women as they move more and can evaluate how they're feeling more easily than older women who might be more sedentary.
  • Serious upper body pain as it is not just the heart that feels the oncoming attack. It is not an isolated or acute feeling of pain just in the heart, but your whole upper body can feel the serious pain going on when you have a heart attack.
  • Flu-like symptoms believe it or not can be a sign for a heart attack if coupled with other signs (such as chest pain, cold sweats, heartburn, etc.). So if you are feeling ill overall, don't ignore the other signs as you might be having a heart attack.

Signs of a heart attack in women are less obvious than those for men, so don't brush off these symptoms if something is wrong. See a doctor right away!

(via Bustle)

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