There are constantly new workout routines, steps, classes, etc. generally all claiming they're the most innovative and best for weight loss. Well there's a new workout routine on the market that takes it back to the basics... like the WAYYYY basics!!! I'm talking crawling!

While we've all crawled at one point in our lives (whether when babies, or just had too much to drink haha), crawling looks easy, and yes it can be, but apparently it is way more intricate than most of us ever realized!

@original_strength via Instagram
@original_strength via Instagram

Chiropractor Justin Klein, is the man behind the crawling movement and hopes to keep pushing it forward as the new keen workout, as well as the new 'plank.' Klein says that crawling is like a reset for our bodies and "by “pressing reset” on your body, the way you would on your phone, you can bring back the strength and mobility you’ve lost over the years."

Ok ok! I know this sounds crazy, and you'll look a little weird doing it as well, but hell if it helps you lose weight and strengthen your muscles then who cares!! & of course it's not as simple as babies make it seem... you'll need to keep your head held high and gaze straight ahead, also remembering to move the opposite arm and leg. And if you crawl like that for as little as three minutes per day, you could be building your core and healing back problems, that's how effective it can be!

Here's a video from Klein's crawling classes at Original Strength:

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