If you are going on a date, or just want to make your relationship better than ever then you need to see a comedy.

Laughing is the glue that makes relationships stronger than ever. And, it makes total sense. Couples who reminisce about funny experiences they've shared are more satisfied with their partners than those who recall cracking up alone, found Appalachian State University psychologists.

A funny memory serves as an inside joke, which creates cohesiveness between two people, says study author Doris Bazzini, Ph.D. Need material? She advises couples to use amusing nicknames for each other that are based on a humorous recollection. This way the mood boosting power of the memory can be used often.

Well, that mystery is now solved. That's why I am so popular with the ladies. They see me in a bathing suit, laugh for days straight and then can't get enough of me.

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