There is another convenience that is coming out of the coronavirus pandemic. This time Sam's Club is making it even easier to pick up your bulk items from the comfort of your vehicle. I know when we go shopping at Sam's Club or the other bulk stores, we spend at least two hours wandering aimlessly discussing if we really need a forty-five pack of snack chips. I think the new way to shop at Sam's Club will allow us all to rethink what we really need. It will also be easier to pack up the items into the car. I always dread trying to find enough boxes to fit all of our items.

According to News 10 ABC, Sam's Club has announced a new, convenient way to shop at their stores. The next step in convenience and contact-less shopping in this COVID 19 world we are living in. The warehouse superstore said that the service will be available nationwide by the end of June.

Sam's Club said that the service will allow its customers to order online, schedule their convenient pick-up time, and then have their items brought right out to their vehicles. The service will be free for those who have Plus-level members. Non-Plus members can use the service for free for a limited time only and pick-up times will be more limited.

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