Taking time for yourself to disconnect and unwind is probably one of those things that you have on your to-do list, but that you never prioritize to actually do. Bustle says that there are great things to do for self-care that your grandmother and mother may have told you before, but you never actually believed them.

  • Read an actual book and I don't mean downloading something on your tablet. Open a paperback that you used to love, or stop by your local bookstore and pick up something new. Reading has been shown to improve brain function, so that's another great reason other than to just relax and unplug.
  • Have a warm drink whether that be a hot chocolate, a tea or a hot toddy. Drinking something warm has so many great health and wellness benefits. You can almost feel it warming your soul as you drink it.
  • Go for a walk either just around the block, or find a local park to enjoy nature just a little bit more. Not getting outside enough has been shown to increase one's stress and can cause you to be more exhausted. Take time for yourself and go outside for a nice walk.

Self-care doesn't have to be following the latest trend. It can be something that your grandparents did or that your mother or father always encouraged you to do because they knew it would make you feel better. Old-fashioned tips and tricks are sometimes the very best of the bunch!

(via Bustle)

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