It's crazy to think that if you live with your partner that how you both go to bed can say a lot about your relationship. Bustle explains that certain nighttime habits can predict if your relationship will last for the long term or not.

  • If you go to bed at the same time garnered a more positive response (especially for women) and those who went to bed at the same time as their partner tended to have more positive interactions the next morning as well. My fiancé is a night owl, and I can never stay up past 10pm, so we've had a discussion regarding this to make sure no one is upset.
  • You say "Thank you" for one or more things that they have done that day before you both fall asleep. For example, I made sure to thank my fiancé for shoveling our driveway. A simple thank you can turn their day around just before they go to bed.
  • You cuddle as you both drift off to sleep, which has been shown that more couples who cuddle are happier in their relationships. If I'm still awake when my fiancé comes in to the bedroom at night, we always cuddle, and then he instantly starts snoring (but that's a good thing).

Whatever habits that you have with your partner that work for you at night, that's what is important. As long as you're both happy and content in the relationship, you should hopefully do just fine.

(via Bustle)

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