New York State offers a wide variety of experiences because of how massive it is. You can experience the city with Broadway shows and the urban experience on one side and Niagara Falls and scenic views on the other side.

It is no wonder that WalletHub recently ranked New York State as the 2nd most fun state in America.

WalletHub constructed their rankings using two key metrics: "Nightlife" and "Entertainment and Recreation."

Things like weather, restaurants per capita, fitness centers per capita, access to national parks, and number of state fairs and events per capita factored into their rankings as well.

New York State ranked 1st across a few categories. They took the top spot in restaurants per capita, movie theaters per capita, fitness centers per capita, and performing-arts theaters per capita. In summation: there is a whole bunch to do around the state.

New York ranked in 6th place in golf courses and country clubs per capita and amusement parks per capita.

The state ranked in 18th place in casinos per capita and variety of arts, entertainment, and recreation establishments.

The full set of rankings of the most fun states in America can be found here. 

For us Pennsylvanians, we ranked 9th overall.

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