Binghmaton can be quite beautiful in the fall; the leaves change colors our Cider Mill blossoms & we become a picturesque autumn city! I have been through Binghamton many times during the fall to see this beauty, but have never gotten the chance to live here during Autumn. So I want to make sure I soak up this special time in our city! (especially because fall is one of my absolute very seasons!!!!)

Bob Joseph/WNBF News
Bob Joseph/WNBF News


My whole video series 'Nutt Around Town' is about me visiting local places that make Binghamton unique & different, but there are specific sites to see just during the fall!

The can't miss fall activities to do in Binghamton!:

1. Apple Picking: Apple Hills apple picking runs through September and into October so there’s still plenty of time to get out there. Apple Hills also has one of the most delicious and scenic breakfasts in the area.

2. Cider Mill: Located in Endicott, the Cider Mill serves up the most delicious cider, doughnuts, candied apples and pies in the area (INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!)

3. Stoughton Farms: Think corn maze but on steroids. Open late September through October, Stoughton Farms creates an epically challenging corn maze filled with dead ends and wrong turns. This year’s design is of a dog and cat in support of animal adoption.

4. Reaper’s Revenge: Technically, this isn’t located in Binghamton, but it's an intricately themed haunted hay-ride through the back woods of Pennsylvania. They enact scenes from a variety of horror flicks and guide you through their “Haunted Carnival”. After the ride you have the option of wandering through “Pitch Black” which is basically a maze in complete darkness.

5. The Pumpkin Farms: There are 2 major pumpkin farms near Binghamton: Jackson’s and Iron Kettle. Both are located out towards Owego and offer hay rides, haunted houses, mazes, and more.

5 more MUST DO autumn activities in Binghamton, below:

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