Both of my older sister's have children, and this weekend I will be spending three hours in the car with a one year old little girl. Apparently, Bustle says that there are some things that I should never say in front of a child.

  • "Go kiss Nana" or another friend or relative because this tells the child that, whether they may want to or not, that they do not have control over their own bodies. Even at such a young age, a child should learn that they have the option to kiss their Nana or Papa if they want to.
  • "Don't cry" is often an automatic response when you go to comfort a sad, crying child, but this could potentially instill in them that showing their emotions is not an okay thing to do. Often times, they'll feel so much better if you just let them cry it out. I know that that helps me!
  • "I look horrible" or any other negative term. If you wouldn't say it about the child directly then you shouldn't say it about yourself in front of them because it can almost of the same effect. For girls, if their mother says something negative about themselves in front of their child, that child is likely to think similarly about themselves.

Children are, in the nicest way, little sponges and can pick up on more things than you might think. I always assumed that I just couldn't curse in front of them, now I have to be even more aware of what I'm saying than I thought!

(via Bustle)

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