If you prefer your own company, that's okay! I'm sure that you're pretty great! Bustle says that there are some ways to tell if you're happier single than in a relationship.

  • You like having complete control of your time, space and energy. When you're in a relationship, what you have to offer is often compromised to do things that your partner is asking of you. If you don't like that, you might be better off and happier single!
  • You're focused on your personal and professional goals and don't have any romantic goals in mind right now. If you are working hard in your career and are looking to advance further up the ladder, being in a relationship might just be an extra headache for you right now.
  • You don't want to feel guilty about any decisions that you make. That could mean moving somewhere else or seeing someone for drinks one night, and guilt could often be associated with these choices if you're in a relationship with someone.

Some people love being in relationships, and other people can thrive just fine on their own. What matters is that you find where you fit best and own that. Single, dating or in a relationship!

(via Bustle)

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