Meeting someone can be so frustrating. And, it can get discouraging as well. Cosmopolitan has come up with some mistakes women make when trying to meet a guy.

How many times have you said, "there are no cute guys in this town?" I've heard that from my female friends way too much. The sad part is that they are saying that to my face.

And, usually follow it up with, "no offense." OK? Well, Cosmopolitan to the rescue. They have come up with a list of mistakes that women make when trying to snag a guy. I hope this helps you:

  1. You hang with a big group of girls. Not only does a huge posse make you unapproachable, but your odds of being the pretty one in the group go down considerable the more girls you hang with.
  2. You always hit the same places. How many times are you going to say "There are like, no cute guys here," and still come back every week? Venture out of your comfort zone and watch things happen.
  3. You give some guys the cold shoulder. Do you know how many guys I've dismissed on looks alone? But if you get to talking to them, you might see a spark of sexiness you missed as he casually walked by. Don't rule anybody out too quickly.
  4. You refuse to be set up. You may not meet "the one" on a blind date, but it's great practice for when you finally do. Open yourself up to opportunity -- you may end up with a good friend, who has a hot friend you actually do like.
  5. You're too intent. Men can sense desperation the way a hooker can sense a virgin. The minute you stop obsessing over finding a guy is when you finally will.

Good luck on your quest!

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