My mom and dad used to say that if I kept spending like I do then I won't have two nickels to rub together. Maybe it's wishful thinking but if I come into some money I promise not to make these mistakes with it.

Whether you inherit it, win it, or just decide to sell something to get some extra money, it can be a nightmare if you don't handle it right.

The website has come up with ways we can mess up coming into some money.

I always hear from friends that if they ever won the lottery they would buy their friends or family this or that. Or, help someone who needs money for something. That's fine as long as you are in good shape first.

"Don't set yourself up so you're paying for a whole entourage."

I find myself saying that too, but I think I do it to try and trick the lottery Gods into making me a winner because I would be the most deserving one.

It's better to be prepared then caught off guard. See more ways to better handle money if you find yourself with a bunch of it below.

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