Some judges are known for their compassion, and some are known for being tough on criminals. This judge might be the toughest one ever.

Anyone who is married will appreciate this story. And, they will feel the pain that this judge inflicted on this married guy.

According to the Kansas City Star, a 71-year-old guy named Lawrence Ripple robbed a bank in Kansas City, Kansas, then sat down in the lobby and waited for the cops to arrest him.

Once he was in custody, he explained that he wanted to go to jail . . . because it was better than living with his WIFE.

He actually wrote the robbery note in front of her before he left the house, to hammer home how miserable she made him.

But his entire plan just backfired big time. A federal judge sentenced him to 50 hours of community service . . . and six months of HOUSE ARREST.  So instead of jail, he'll HAVE to stay at home with his wife.

Either this judge is married and wants everyone as miserable as he is or he is single and doesn't get it. Either way, he's a tough judge.

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