When you go to work in the morning, is your dog home alone until dinner time? Bustle has found ways for you to help fix your dog's boredom during the day while you're gone.

  • Don't skip the walk whether you go first thing in the morning or after dinner in the evening, it is so important that your dog is able to get out of the house. I know I go a little stir-crazy if I haven't left the house in a while, so I can imagine how my dog feels.
  • Treat your dog to new toys! There are some dog toys out there now that are little puzzles for dogs, and others you can put dog treats inside of for them to try and get out. Keep things interesting for your dog so that they don't start acting out and making messes while you're at work.
  • Play with them when you get home because they have been waiting for you all day and just want to spend time with you. I know that you're probably exhausted, but depending on the size of your dog, they will get tired out in less than a half hour, and then you can both relax on the couch together and watch a movie.

Signs of boredom in dogs can be seen as misbehavior, but think about what you would do all day inside without opposable thumbs to work the television remote... you would get bored quickly, too!

(via Bustle)

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