The winter months are the perfect time to tackle a fun DIY project to keep me from going crazy sitting in the house. And, a fun one has been trying to make my very first Plinko game.

You’ve seen it on the Price is Right for years. So, I have decided to see if I could make my own portable Plinko game to use for radio station events and even at my house in the summer.

This is the perfect game for Wild 104 listeners to play to try and win prizes. And, since I am always thinking about alcohol, I figured it would be a great drinking game too. Wherever the ball lands is the task you have to complete.

Last year I made my very first Corn Hole game and I loved doing it. Plus, not to brag too much but it did come out pretty cool!

Making these has been a lot of fun. All that is left to do is paint or stain them. Once I get them painted I will show you the finished product. But, in the meantime I hope you like what I did.

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