Easter this year is going to feel different again this year, but that doesn't mean the Easter season needs to be completely depressing.

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You're home with your family, so why not get them involved in the Easter holiday by giving them their own Easter bunny name? Maybe even make a contest out of it- the person who is able to call others by their bunny name for the entire day on Easter wins an extra chocolate bar or something along those lines once our world returns to normal.

Be warned- the bigger kids will probably groan and roll their eyes when you first introduce this to them, but after a while, you know they'll start having fun with it because that's what they always do whenever you introduce something they think is lame...until they realize that it isn't and they're actually having fun.

My Easter bunny name would be "Jelly Beans Floppy Ears." That's definitely a mouthful! So, what would your Easter bunny name be?

Traci Taylor
Traci Taylor

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