I have to admit that when the whole fidget spinner craze happened, I jumped right on board. I find it so relaxing and fun. So, I decided to buy a custom made Italy Fidget Spinner.

I was like a little kid at Christmas when it arrived yesterday. To be honest, I don't even know if they are still popular. But, it doesn't matter because I love using my Fidget Spinner.

I really do find it relaxing. I am just nervous that if someday I go on Ancestry and realize that I am not Italian, I am going to have to have one hell of a garage sale.

When I was searching for my Italy Fidget Spinner I did see some really cool ones. But, I had to get the Italy one. And, a part of me feels bad for the lady who invented these and is not getting a dime because she let the patent lapse.

See the full story here of how it happened.


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