Warnings about obesity are not anything new and yet it is a very real problem for many in America. Statistics show us that obesity rates began to climb in the 1980s and have only continued to rise since. New York is not immune to obesity.

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Bar Bend looked at trends centered around obesity over the last ten years in counties all over New York and discovered that the county struggling the most with obesity is Franklin. Franklin County is at the northern border of the state with Canada to the north and Vermont to the east. Other counties in New York that have seen a sharp rise in obesity are Westchester, Cayuga, Lewis, and Hamilton.

The county that has fared a bit better than others over the last decade when it comes to obesity is Putnam which sits on the border of Connecticut. Joining Putnam County on the lower end of the list are Seneca, Kings, Suffolk, and our very own Broome County.
That's right - Broome County has seen a two percent increase in obesity among its residents which puts us in the top five New York counties with the lowest increase in obesity over the last decade.

Additionally, researchers discovered that when compared to counties all across the United States, the obesity rate of New Yorkers as a whole is not as pronounced as it is in other states.

New York actually emerged as the 6th biggest loser of weight among all states. Florida took the number one spot of residents who've lost weight in the midst of the obesity climb while New Mexico took the number one spot with residents who have gained the most amount of weight.

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