A woman's relationship with her gynecologist and/or obstetrician is an intimate one and it's so important for her to feel comfortable with the doctor who will be treating her most private medical concerns.

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Having a good OB/GYN is so incredibly important for a woman but each woman must decide for herself who to trust the most intimate parts of her body with and that can be nerve-wracking.

After years of jumping from one OB/GYN to another, I finally found one who checked off every box in the mental list inside my head. His name was Dr. Canino and it was he who cut into my body to release my son, bringing him into the world with a grin almost as proud as my husband's.

For the very first time in my life, I didn't cringe when I thought of going for my checkups at my OB/GYN's office. Dr. Canino accepted all of me - the good, the bad, and the ugly, and all he wanted to do was help me in my physical and mental health journeys.

When I say that my heart was shattered when I got the news that Dr. Canino was closing his Binghamton office, that is not an exaggeration. I cried for days and then once all my tears dried up, the panic set in. I suddenly found myself thrust into the daunting task of finding a new doctor and that terrified me.

I hate to see women filled with the same anxiety I was filled with over which OB/GYN to select as her own and so I thought I would do some digging on the top-rated OB/GYNs in the Southern Tier to help take some of the work off of your shoulders if you're in this situation.

Keep in mind that although these are the top-rated OB/GYNs in the Southern Tier, you should always check with your insurance to be sure the doctor you're interested in is covered.

Since this list was compiled, some of the doctors are no longer practicing. Keep this in mind - websites, even professional ones, are often not updated, so it's best to call to confirm if the doctor you are interested in is still practicing as the medical field changes on a daily basis. 

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