With Valentine's Day next week, everyone gets to be reminded of the loved ones in our lives, or of the crushes that we wish would notice us. If you're crushing hard, there are a few things you can do to show your crush that you care. Here are some things you can do just in time for the holiday.

  • Tell them that you want to see them instead of beating around the bush. Confidence is universally attractive, so try to tell them that you want to see them in a new surrounding than you're used to seeing them. Met them at work? Suggest a drink after work one night.
  • Wink at them which is much less bold, but could potentially be very affective in getting their attention.
  • Let them know that they make you happy which is something everyone strives to do for the people around them. Nothing probably sounds better to a person.
  • Text them first which is daring and probably scary, but it's nice to know that someone thinks of them every once in a while, so this could be very flattering.
  • Say their name when talking to them. It tells them that you are listening to them and acknowledging their presence.
  • Compliment them when you see them next time and mention how their shirt makes their eyes stand out, or something equally as thoughtful.

Crushes can be great, but they can also be awful if you don't do anything about them. Make a move this Valentine's Day, and who knows, maybe the rest of the year could be filled with love.

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