We have all busted our butts for a month trying to make changes to some part of our lives with new years resolutions. But, that all ends tomorrow.

Every year on January 1st, tons of people make their New Year's resolutions, so they stop going to McDonald's and start hitting the gym.  But as January rolls on, more and more people lose the willpower to keep that up.

So when does the pendulum swing back . . . and fast food becomes more popular than gyms again?  Tomorrow.  Tomorrow is when we all dive headfirst into a giant pile of fries and nuggets again.

According to Foursquare, the first Thursday of February is the first day of the year when people check in at fast food joints more than gyms.

And once we open the door for fast food again, we REALLY go back to it hard.  The second Friday in February is when visits to fast food joints peak . . . and they stay more popular than gyms for the rest of the year.

[via: Foursquare]


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