This might sound like a shameless attempt on my part to get you to go out with me, but I promise...It is! All kidding aside, here are some reasons why you should date an older guy.

I know you are young, and fun but don't dismiss the idea of dating someone who is older. According to, here are some reasons why it's time to start dating an older man:

1. You get to experience more than just the usual college bars.
Dating someone older will probably mean you get to get away from the same old bars that your classmates frequent – you get to experience so much more this way.

2. There's something to the whole 'women mature faster' thing.
If you're in a heterosexual relationship, an age difference can be a good thing because, quite simply, women tend to grow up faster. If you're frustrated with how immature all your guys seem, dating a guy who is out of school might be the right answer.

3. You get a good sense of what 'the real world' is like.
Being with a guy who works full time will help you understand what you're in for after graduation.

4. Your relationship won't be a major topic of gossip.
Date a guy who people at your school don't know and there will be far less drama from your peers.

5. You might feel like you're on the same timeline.
Everyone is different, but women tend to be ready to grow up and settle down at younger ages than men do. Again, everyone is different, but being with an older guy is a great way to up your chances of being on the same page.

6. You'll have an interesting story about how you met.
As opposed to most college students who meet their SOs doing frat/sorority stuff, in class or at the local bar, you'll have an interesting meet cute. Maybe you'll find each other online, maybe at the grocery store, maybe your mom will set you up with him. Whatever the case may be, at least it's different.

7. You have a built-in group of new friends.
You can keep your college friends but also hang out with his out-of-college friends. 'Cause there's no such thing as too many friends.

8. He probably has a nice apartment.
And by nice, I mean better than a dirty, crusty room in a frat house.

9. He can probably afford to do stuff.
Not saying you need to find a guy who can buy you things or whatever but it is nice to be with someone who isn't a broke college dude and can afford to do things that are not free.

10. You'll actually go on dates.
College guys are terrible at dating. Date an older dude and you'll instantly realize how much more fun it is to go to an actual restaurant as opposed to just ordering pizza and "hanging out."

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