First off, I am not a cat person, and I assume all cats are mad at me. However, that is probably not the case, and Bustle says that there are actual ways to tell if your cat is upset or mad at you.

  • Their ears go flat if a cat is feeling threatened or feeling angry, so paying attention to your cat's ears before going near them or trying to pet them is very important to avoid getting clawed at and murdered.
  • Their fur looks more fluffy which can be all the more tempting to want to pet and cuddle with, but that probably means that your cat is feeling upset and is puffing themselves out to look bigger than they are as a form of protection.
  • They pee on your things because nothing says "I hate you" like urinating in your shoes. Your cat is definitely trying to tell you something, and hopefully this doesn't become a new habit for your cat.

Cats may not always like their owners, but there are definitely signs to look out for to see whether or not they are mad at you at the moment. If your cat is exhibiting these behaviors, it's probably best to just leave them alone.

(via Bustle)

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