Christmas, while beautiful and sometimes magical, it does produce a lot of waste. From all of the wrapping paper, and leftover food that you forget to put away at the end of the night (and then have to throw away), to that wonderful Christmas centerpiece that is the tree in your living room.

Is it more environmentally friendly to have a fake tree that you use year after year or to buy a real tree each holiday season?

If you already have a fake tree, it is definitely best to keep using it. You will need to use it ten years before it becomes the better choice than a real tree every year. This year will be my third year for the fake tree that I have, and it's a beautiful tree, so there's no reason why I won't keep using it for years to come.

A real tree is a good choice if you live around here and such trees are plentiful, but think about down south, like Florida. They actually have to ship Christmas trees down into the state!

It's good to be aware of how your holiday choices impact the environment. Remember that everything we do can either help the world around us, or hurt it.

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