Well we're only a few days away from Wild 104's Insane Inflatable 5K!!! Happening this Saturday (October 8th) at the Broome-Tioga Sports Complex in Richford! This will be a hell of a lot of fun; extreme obstacle race made up of giant inflatables, I mean how freaking cool!!!!!

& don't worry, you can still sign up, right here: http://insaneinflatable5k.com/binghamton-ny/


With a workout as fun as this, it's difficult to believe it is actually a great workout... so I did some research! Here are just a few of the MANY health benefits of working out with/on bounce houses and inflatable obstacles!...

1. It alerts all the cells in the body and improves your circulatory system. The flow of blood is fast and even to all parts of the body. The lungs work hard to keep up with the breathing clearing their air pathway.

2. Because of pushing yourselves upwards while jumping and running through the obstacles, all the muscles in your body are being used, strengthening the defense mechanism of countering forces.

3. Jumping on/off something that is bouncy will help in balancing and coordination of landing or staying on your feet.

4. IF we link obesity with heart diseases cholesterol problems then it is clear that jumping will indirectly reduce chances of it happening.


5. If you are a kid running this marathon, then doctors have said that kids who want to grow taller should be consistent in jumping and reaching for higher objects this stretches out the bones improving their height.

& of course there are TONS more benefits!


So now you can be absolutely certain that when you do the Insane Inflatable 5K this weekend, you'll be getting a great workout... & having fun!! Also a special thank you to the sponsors; McDonalds, Weis Markets, Visions Federal Credit Union, Beacon Water and the Army National Guard!

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