Whenever I leave the gym I feel so much better. I just don't understand why I fight going. Well, I found some ways to feel better in just 5 minutes.

These simple ways to improve your health in just 5 minutes are going to surprise you. According to Sunmark, if you have 5 minutes try one of these things to help you feel better:

Correct Posture
Sitting at your desk, adjust the height of your chair so that your forearms are parallel to the floor when using a keyboard. Your thighs should be at right angles to your body.

Tea Time
Two cups of tea a day can halve the risk of heart disease and prevent strokes. The phytochemicals in tea contain antioxidants that knock out free radicals that can lead to cancer.

Brush Right
To fend off gum disease, brush and floss twice a day. Use short horizontal strokes, and follow up with mouthwash to make sure you get all the plaque.

Juice It
A glass of orange juice is the easiest way to get one of the five recommended daily servings of fruits and veggies and it's packed with vitamin C.

Deep Breaths
Shallow breathing can lead to increased risk of infection in the lower lungs and high blood pressure. Deep breathing increases oxygen in the blood, calms nerves and lowers the heart rate.

Rent a Comedy
Having a good laugh can improve overall health and boost levels of immunoglobulin, an antibody that helps fight infections. It can also lower blood pressure.

Treat Your Feet
Wash your feet every day, and dry thoroughly, especially between the toes. Apply a moisturizing cream but not between the toes, because moisture leads to athlete's foot.

If you don't stretch a muscle after a workout, it won't be able to refuel with the right nutrients, and the muscle fibers won't fall back into place.

Phone a Friend
Getting in touch with friends and family is an effective way of beating depression and can help you recover from illness sooner.

Pet Your Pet
Stroking your kitty or pooch lowers your heat rate and blood pressure, and can improve your chances of survival after a serious illness of surgery.

Have a great day!

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