If you've spent the last four years making friends in college, you are probably a little worried about losing those great friendships and having them turn into just memories. Brit.Co has a few ways in which you can stay in contact with those people you've met in college.

  • Postcards are always fun to get when when you know someone who is on vacation somewhere. They are also fun to send! So collect the addresses of your college buddies and send them postcards either from your hometown or from the next vacation that you have.
  • Customized reunions instead of the generic one that your college throws every 5-10 years. Make plans with your friends every few years to fly in from wherever they are to party it up like it's [insert year of graduation here].
  • Group chats are so, so important when trying to keep in contact with a specific friend group. Sometimes it's the biggest reason why a group is still friends after so many years.

Across the world or across the street, graduating from college can be scary if you're worried about the future of your friends, relationships and yourself! Try to keep in contact as much as you can to hopefully find success with your college buddies.

(via Brit.Co)

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