For many couples, the spark begins to settle after so many years together. If you find yourself more distant from your partner or feeling disconnected, there are some things that you can do. Bustle has a few ideas to help you reconnect with your partner in a meaningful way.

  • Pay attention to what they do right and focus on all of the good that they do in your relationship with them. Show appreciation for these good things as well because someone who feels cared about will continue to work hard.
  • Practice mindfulness when you are with your partner. If you pay attention to the moment, to what you are saying or doing with your significant other, you will find that you have greater control of your emotions and actions.
  • Go on a double date because couples who share more about themselves are likely to show a boost of desire for one another.
  • Share your memories which will re-live for both of you the great times that you two have both experienced together. Remembering the best moments of the relationship will get you excited for the memories that you will be making together in the future.

If you have a dip in interest in your partner, there is no need to worry because after years together, it's only natural. You just have to be proactive and everything will work out for you two.

[via Bustle]

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