I just got my haircut today. After growing my hair out for my wedding (and using so many products to get it to grow out as long as possible), I decided to chop it all off today.

Now, thankfully, I have a hair stylist that I have been working with for years, so I know that when I go to see her, I will walk away happy. If you don't have a regular hairdresser, going to get a haircut can be a little unnerving for you, so here's how you can ensure that you love your next haircut.

  • Bring photos of what you want your hair to look like. Remember that a style on one person's face can look different on someone else's face, as well as skin tone, hair color, etc. But bringing photos can help your stylist get a better idea at what you want done.
  • Use your body when you discuss length with your hairdresser. For example, to your shoulders, side bangs to your ear lobe, etc. Talking in visual terms like that can help the stylist get your hair to look exactly how you're envisioning.
  • You can always go back if you get home and sit with your haircut for a few hours or days and change your mind about it. No hairdresser would want you to have a haircut that you don't like, so let them know how you feel about it if you decide it's not what you wanted.

A hairstyle can make or break your self-esteem, so it's so important that you like the cut that you get at the hair salon. Prepare a little bit before going to get a haircut, and you should be good. Speak up for yourself if you don't like the cut, too!

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