Break-ups are hard on the heart as well as the soul, so how do you move on from one? Bustle says that you should upgrade your life and focus on other new and exciting pursuits.

  • Get a haircut which is always a tried and true way to start a new chapter in your life. Try a new color, or go bold with a new style like a pixie cut!
  • Try out a new exercise routine because nothing is quite as confidence-boosting as getting back into shape and obtaining that "revenge body" to make your ex-partner jealous.
  • Take a class! You will be able to broaden your horizons, try something new that you never would have done before your break-up, and maybe even meet someone new in the process!

Relationships are so emotionally investing that when one ends, it can feel like an earthquake in your life. You can move past a break-up and learn from what happened, and you may even come out of it a better, new-and-improved self.

(via Bustle)

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