Getting into an argument with anyone, especially a loved one, is never fun. Bustle has come up with a few ways in which you can try to de-escalate an argument if you find yourself in one.

  • Learn to use "I" statements such as "I feel..." instead of "You are making me feel..." which can seem more offensive and like an attack. Using statements that doesn't put the blame on the other person can make them feel less riled up and more prone to talking instead of arguing.
  • Stick to the facts instead of jumping to conclusions or believing what someone else said about them before learning what may have actually happened in a certain situation. Don't use extreme language either like "You never..." or "You always..." because that's probably not always the facts.
  • Ask questions to get answers instead of assuming things. Get to the bottom of why the other person is angry. Address that anger and do what you need to in order to relieve that anger.

Learning to de-escalate an argument instead of fighting about the same thing every week, can connect you and your partner more intimately, and it shows a greater level of respect for one another.

(via Bustle)

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