How many people do you have that are trusted enough to keep any of your secrets? Ever wonder how many secrets people can keep before they pop? Bustle did some research into the topic, and they found some interesting facts about secret keeping.

Most people keep around thirteen secrets. That tends to be the magic number for secret keeping. Five of these are a person's own secrets which they would never tell another living soul.

Health-wise, keeping secrets can be harmful because secrets (depending on how "juicy" they are) can heighten anxiety, affect quality of sleep and even weaken immune systems.

Some of the most kept kinds of secrets are often stigmatized or looked down upon in our current society. Sexual orientation, unfortunately, can be a secret that you could be keeping. Maybe there's a guilty pleasure hobby that you have that you'll never tell anyone about.

Whatever your secrets, I hope they don't bring you shame because nothing about you should be shameful.

(via Bustle)

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