When you're looking for love, everyone seems to have an opinion on what the best way to meet someone is. Bustle put together a list of the number of ways most people meet the person they end up dating.

  • 19% met on a dating app or website/social media which has definitely lost the stigma that it once had. So what that you swiped right on your partner's photo and met for coffee a few days later. That can be considered fate, too!
  • 17% met through friends and that's also the reason many people who met online tend to tell their family (no shame!), but your friends tend to know you best, so maybe this is the best way to go for you.
  • 15% found love in college with my parents being one of those couples, so this is still a solid way to go about meeting that someone special. You never know where cupid's arrow might strike.
  • 12% met at work which can be tricky (especially if they are your superior), but as long as you two are happy and everything is consensual, it could work!

Basically, there is no one way to meet someone these days, and that's a great thing! Put yourself out there, go on a few dates, and you may get lucky in finding the right person.

(via Bustle)

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