If you've made the mistake to offer to host Christmas dinner this year, you may be freaking out just a little bit. Bustle and Meghan Markle have come up with some great hosting tips for the holidays if you and I need some help in the coming weeks.

  • Make everyone feel at home when they come over to your house by decorating in a way that gets your guests feeling in the holiday mood. Consider a nice wreath for your front door to start the cozy, holiday feelings before they even get inside.
  • Don't over-complicate it with fancy cocktails or appetizers that take hours to prepare. If you want to, have one signature cocktail and then have the basics for what everyone generally likes to drink.
  • Don't forget the playlist because what is Christmas really about if not all of the great holiday tunes? If you forget to set-up a good playlist, you can always go to our website and listen live to all the great holiday songs here.

Your guests are much more likely going to remember how they felt than the food or drinks that they had at Christmas dinner. As long as nothing is burned and no one gets sick, don't stress yourself out too much with the menu. If you're not the best cook, stick to the basics.

(via Bustle)

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